Materials Used to Make Headstones and their Cost

Your options abound.

Speaking of which, you can now choose from granite, marble, or limestone. While at it, you want to note that each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Here we go:Granite

(cost $750+)

Granite headstones are (by far) the most popular choice, accounting for about 40% of headstones made in America every year. It is a tough stone and can easily last a century or more if taken care of properly.

The only downside to having a granite memorial is that it can be costly to buy and expensive to make.

Its usually imported from Brazil, India, or China. One cubic meter of stone costs about $350.Marble

(Costs $500+)

Next in popularity is marble headstones, which account for almost 30% of all the headstones sold annually in the U.S. It has a bright white color which makes it look beautiful in the sunlight.

It is also much softer than granite, making it easier to engrave. However, this softness can become a problem over time.

Marble headstones are prone to chips and cracks because of their vulnerability to acid erosion from natural elements like fog, rain, and ice. If you live in a coastal area, saltwater is also very harmful.

One cubic meter of marble will cost about $500.Limestone

(Costs $400+)

Limestone is much cheaper than both granite and marble. A limestone headstone costs about a third to a quarter of the cost of a granite one.

On the other hand, it is also very soft, making the engraving more difficult and less precise because there will be an imprint left in the stone every time you use a tool on it.

It can last a long time if not disturbed, though. They are more easily chipped or cracked compared to granite or marble. Limestone is found all over the world, making it easy to find and import. One cubic meter of limestone costs about $125.Sandstone

(Costs 300+)

Sandstone is another common choice that’s slightly more expensive than limestone or marble. It weathers well and resists fading sunlight, so it typically looks better and lasts longer than marble and limestone.